What is Gideon's 300?

Throughout history, odd-defying feats have been accomplished with 300 individuals.

A Mandate For 300

Years ago, Pastor JC Church was given the clear direction that when 3 Cord Alliance had 300 supporting partners, the resources those 300 could provide would be all we would need to accomplish everything God has charged the ministry to accomplish. This is why we are only looking to grow our monthly partner base to 300. Once we have 300 active partners in Gideon’s 300 we will no longer promote or offer this avenue of partnership in accordance with what God has called 3CA to accomplish.

This is why we ask those who are interested or feel led to partner with us in this capacity to take some time to pray and seek God before making this decision. At 3 Cord Alliance, we firmly believe that unbelievable accomplishments and impact will be possible due to the pillar of these 300 supporters. God will receive the glory in everything we do, and if you feel called to join in the 300 then we would be honored to welcome you to the 3 Cord Alliance family.


254 members still needed
$ 99 Monthly
  • All Partner Level Benefits PLUS:
  • Private Zoom Chat access monthly with Pastor JC Church to all Gideon 300 members
  • Gideon 300 exclusive welcome kit