About 3 Cord Alliance

Pastor Church has a passion for leaders and leadership principles. He gives council and covering to many ministries and churches throughout the United States of America. He is President and CEO of 3 Cord Alliance which was created by a calling, validated from a vision, and launched from a longing to equip churches and ministries, engage culture, and empower leadership, for the purpose of community transformation. This three part organization comes alongside other pastors to provide “hands on” mentorship, practical resources, and guidance. This empowers the pastors to support and encourage their families, congregations and communities to fulfill Christ’s purpose. In addition, Pastor Church formerly served as the National Director of Ministry Engagement for Family Research Council (FRC), networking churches to answer the call on moral issues.

Pastor Church is Pro-life. He continues to defend life, participates in marches and prayer vigils at abortion clinics. He has spoken at the State Capitol in defense of the Heartbeat Bill. Additionally, he has spoken at numerous Christian University’s across the country.

As a gifted leader with an Apostolic mandate to reach out to lost souls and exhort believers in other nations of the world, Pastor Church has traveled internationally to the Philippines, Haiti, Mexico, India, Egypt, Panama, Canada, Israel, Guatemala, and Kenya conducting crusades and leadership trainings for more than 10,000 pastors and leaders.

Pastor Church studied at The Ohio State University, Otterbein College, and Carolina Christian University. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling with a minor in Pastoral Care.